Open Market Housing

Open Market Housing 

Open Market Property may be occupied by:

  • British citizens
  • Any national of the European Economic Area (EEA) – that is EU nationals plus nationals of Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway
  • Any Swiss national
  • Anyone with Right of Abode in the UK through marriage or any other means
  • Any Commonwealth citizen who would be entitled to Right of Abode in the UK
  • Anyone who have been granted an Investor Visa to live in Guernsey

Anyone who occupies property inscribed on the Open Market Register is automatically permitted to work on the island. Open Market property is usually more expensive than Local Market property, sometimes because the properties are larger than Local Market properties.

However, Open Market properties are also very sought after because anyone who lives in an Open Market property has the automatic right to live and work in Guernsey for an indefinite period of time.  Unlike many other jurisdictions there are no minimum income requirements for potential residents and this makes Guernsey a very attractive option for people seeking to relocate to a lower tax jurisdiction.

To find out more about the Open Property Market and for confidential and independent advice please contact

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