Small and perfectly formed…

Small and perfectly formed – well we like to think so and we’re not far from the truth. Guernsey is a small island with much to offer, we have a thriving sports and fitness mentality and facilities for young and old with numerous productions including Opera, theatre and other musical entertainment. Granted we can’t compete with London’s West End but we do attract quality entertainers who love the opportunity to perform to a niche audience, not to mention an abundance of local talent. In future blogs we’ll be sharing much more with you on entertainment, sports and work opportunities. Today though, as we enter Spring nature is already preparing for a busy year ahead. Guernsey has a wonderful array of bird life, some are resident, others winter here and many migrating species stop over for a welcome rest on their passage to and from far flung places around the globe, then there’s temporary residents that arrive to bring up their families in a safe place and then head off home again.

Despite the cold temperatures spring is in the air and it’s time to find that all important right location; it needs to be safe, dry, big enough for all the family with food supplies close by. Perhaps a new build or maybe a little refurbishment to an old familiar site. Of course some will want to be by the seashore and others prefer woodlands or suburban areas. Some will have travelled long distances from places such as South Africa and the Arctic to be with us while others make long journeys back to their native homelands.

All sounds familiar and not so different from our own lives. Like the birds we want a warm, secure home with good amenities in that all important right location. Some prefer to be beside the beach while others prefer rural or town locations. Also like the birds people travel both short and long distances to enjoy what Guernsey has to offer. Some settle permanently, others are here for a short time, knowing they will return home to settle and others are passing through on their journey to other places.

Here at QRC we put out nest boxes and feeders to make life a little easier for the birds, we help them find the right nest in a good location and provide a welcome meal when they arrive tired and hungry.

Sometimes people need a helping hand when setting up new homes and travelling to new places. Unlike the birds you won’t have made thousands of journeys and have gained the experience to quickly find your perfect place so let QRC do the work for you, with the years of experience we have gathered we can help you to feather your very own nest in Guernsey.

2017 is an important time for nature in Guernsey with a Government funded biodiversity strategy to be implement. Exciting times are ahead and in such a small community it’s easy to get involved and to make a difference. We are passionate about our island and keen to welcome like-minded people to help and share their experiences with us.