Guernsey is Open for Business

Travel links to the Islands are crucial with sea links not only ferrying passengers but also transporting in the many products we find in our local shops.

While much has been said about the difficulties experienced in recent years, Condor Ferries latest performance figures show improved reliability and punctuality across the Bailiwicks – now that’s got to be good news.

According to the report, nearly 98 per cent of sailings went ahead in the last twelve months, up 4% percent from the previous year.

Also, launched this year is a new Air Taxi Service that will run from summer 2017 between the Islands, Northern France and the UK. The service will be available to book using an Uber style app and is launched by a new resident working from Guernsey’s very own Digital Greenhouse.

This is something completely new and rather exciting. It’s such a great initiative and shows how easy it is to fit into Island life, find a market niche and launch a new service within only a few months of relocating.

The Digital Greenhouse was launched by Government to provide a dedicated space to accelerate start-up and growth activity in Guernsey’s digital and creative sectors. There is a co-working space where entrepreneurs can sit down together and work on their business ideas. There’s private meeting rooms and ample space for hosting events to share skills, knowledge and inspiration and to promote further collaboration and innovation.

Start-up Guernsey is also based at the premises, working with the Digital Greenhouse and other well established networks to provide a compelling environment to support innovation and growth on the island.

So, if you’re considering your future and looking for options, why not consider relocating to Guernsey? Yes, there’s thriving tourist and finance industries but that’s not all that Guernsey has to offer. Guernsey is open for business and welcomes entrepreneurs keen to launch new endeavours. This little island offers a great starting platform – perfect for just tipping your toe into the water.

Guernsey’s Open for Business approach is Government backed in the form of Locate Guernsey who are actively promoting the island to encourage relocation to our lovely shores. They can advise on the best route for your relocation in terms of moving or setting up businesses and make the necessary introductions to other relevant Government offices.

Guernsey has so much to offer in terms of quality of life. Glorious beaches, a clean natural environment and absolutely loads of activities from surfing, coasteering, cliff rambles, swimming, dance schools, music and trips to neighbouring islands, fetes and markets to name but a few.

Quintessential offers a 30 minute free of charge initial consultation to those considering the move. If you think Guernsey just might be the place for your new start give us a call.

As well as offering a consultation service Quintessential can assist with property finding and will take care of all the little things that add up to ensuring our clients have a stress-free relocation experience.

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